Our Services

We are strategy AND solutions-focused. At Rohloff Associates, we are problem solvers that take the time to learn all we can about you and the financial challenges you face in order to find and implement meaningful accounting strategies and solutions.

Our Philosophy

Rohloff Associates is not your typical CPA firm. It is our passion for partnering with you to make your life goals and dreams a reality that truly makes us get up every day. We seek to cultivate relationships with each client, accommodating specific requests and working to provide the personal attention, recognition, and respect our clients deserve.

Fixed Price Partnerships

Our flexible business model offers our clients myriad ways to connect and communicate with us regularly. We are accessible and available. Having honest conversations around real life scenarios is a best practice to ensuring your peace of mind. Respecting the trust our clients place in us is reflected in every facet of our one-of-a-kind process and individualized stepwise approach.

Our Proven Process


Using our comprehensive client assessment we discern a thorough understanding of a client’s tax needs.


As accountants AND business consultants, we offer everything businesses need to implement operational adjustments, reduce expenses, boost profits, and maintain optimal cash flow levels.

Business Consulting

We see beyond the numbers and we make your business our business. Our consulting services were created with you, the client, in mind. It is our objective to cut a clear path by providing a full scope of services that are tailored to fulfill your distinct needs.

Fractional CFO

Why hire someone full time on your payroll to juggle numbers and balance budgets, when you can hire Rohloff Associates to do it all for you? We work with you to sort through your needs and then implement only the services your business requires.

Team Facilitation

Our distinguishing methodology provides us with detailed information about how individuals prefer to approach decision making and risk management. It sets us apart and is invaluable in how we help our clients chart a course, track progress and make adjustments along the way.

“Having a stepwise approach to a financial plan will contribute in a big way to your ultimate goals”

Al Voigt


We desire to keep the lines of communication wide open and build and maintain a true relational partnership with our clients.  Our Fixed Price Process keeps you from worrying about a clock ticking.

We offer a menu of financial wellness services to help you with your varying financial matters. Please refer to our services page for more specific details.

YES!  We specialize in 280E and would love to work with your cannabis business, from seed to sale.

You will want to bring a copy of your current financials and a copy of your most recent tax return, both business and personal.

Yes! We have clients across the U.S. We use a secure, online portal for transferring information, and work within the Zoom Conferencing platform for meetings.

No. We work with you to determine what you need and customize to you and your business.

That depends. We specialize in business owners that we can work proactively with. Typically those outside our FPP framework tend to be individuals with large real estate holdings or stock portfolios.

Yes! We would love to learn more about what you are needing for your business!

We have areas we gravitate towards.  This includes Cannabis, women owned business, and serial entrepreneurs.   Some of the industries we work with are home builders, franchise owners, multi generation businesses, consultants, real estate investors, construction, insurance, and service businesses.

No. We provide value added services during the entire year. We do not prepare one off tax returns.

We can help advise on different strategies, options and solutions for investments and retirement, but we do not provide brokerage services. We are happy to have discussions with your planner or can offer referrals to one.

Yes! While a majority of our clients are located in the Midwest, we do have a large concentration of clients in CA, TX, AZ, FL, and the East Coast.

The Birkman Assessment is a behavioral assessment (not a personality test) that dives beyond strengths to discover needs. It also defines best practices for being a more effective communicator.