About Us

Our skilled team works for you at every level, from general assessment, to strategy development, to detailed implementation. At Rohloff Associates, we incorporate our vast skills and experiences to help you define then outline your ideal vision and business financial strategy.

Our Story

Protecting your financial health

We understand that many CPA firms tout similar ideologies. That would make complete sense considering numbers are numbers. However, we aspire to do things differently at Rohloff Associates. To us, you aren’t just a number.

Our desire was and still remains to defy the expectations of how a CPA firm can work. Our story over nearly the past two decades is for our clients to know Rohloff Associates as their Relational CPA firm. In our effort to do so we have removed the billable hour model which has opened the door to conversation with our clients and their families on a level like no other.

Why Choose Us?

The Relational CPA

All CPA firms are guided by the same accounting principles, audit rules and tax regulations. The most important difference between firms comes down to their people, their professional expertise, and the level of service they deliver. The relationships Rohloff Associates builds with its clients are at the core of why we do what we do. Our commitment to you and your financial needs is the heart of our mission.

A Fractional CFO On Speed Dial

In the course of doing business, situations arise, opportunities emerge and problems occur that often require information and analysis that are outside the realm of running a business. No matter where you are in your business life cycle, we help you manage your day-to-day operations more efficiently and generate relevant financial information to guide management, decision making and strategic planning.

Consulting WITH You for Actionable Growth

When making important decisions about your personal and business trajectories, guidance means everything. Rohloff Associates believes that mapping out a plan together should reflect your unique set of circumstances; no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach here. We make sure we listen and learn from you then define customized solutions that fit your one-of-a-kind journey.

CPA Specialists Who Go the Extra Mile

Combining science and psychology principles, Rohloff Associates uses a vast array of assessments and resources that foster achieving greater value with our client interactions and their financial outcomes. Simply stated, it allows us to do what we usually do but better.

Our Team

We are known for our proactive can-do and personable approach as much as we are for our expertise and business savvy, helping clients plan, operate, transact business, maximize profit and net worth and stay compliant.

Nikki Rohloff, CPA



Al Voigt, CPA



Becky Frazier, CPA

Client Manager


Nick Jones, CPA

Client Manager


Lauren Shelton, CPA, MBT

Client Manager


Robin Jones, CPA, MBT

Client Manager


Jess Paschke

Client Manager


Jill Larson

Client Manager


Sarah Craig

Account Associate


Amy Raketich

Office Manager


Sara Banse

Accounting Associate


Ben Majhor, MBA

Financial Consultant



Do you like to think outside the numbers box? We do. Come join us. Our clients benefit from our creative, team-oriented, entrepreneurial approach, getting exceptional service powered by great thinking.


Ideal Candidate: A giver who wants to be part of team who gives back, loves making the flow better for all.

Must Have:

Self starter, 3+ years of experience as an executive assistant. Loves to help others with the little details.

Client Manager

Ideal Candidate: Excellent communicator, willing to work closely to build/maintain relationships with clients.

Must Have:

4 yrs experience in the industry, ability to multitask and work well under deadlines.

Associate Accountant

Ideal Candidate: Lives for excel spreadsheets and databases; always wants to be the one to find the penny

Must Have:

2 year degree, be detail oriented and have exceptional multitasking skills.