At Rohloff Associates we are not all bar charts and balance sheets. We are curious, involved, and engaged. We are devoted to a client experience that revolves around your personal and business goals, not around formulas and ratios. Our work doesn’t end with getting the numbers right, it’s where it begins.

Our Service Areas


Taxes are just one of our varied sweet spots. We supervise and manage the many details and intricacies that inevitably accompany them.


The accounting needs of each of our clients is unique to them and addressing this from day one is a cornerstone of how we handle our initial intake and regular evaluations.

Business Consulting

We offer an unmatched ability to blend strategy and expert insight with a healthy selection of financial solutions.

Fractional CFO

Let us take a bit of the load off your plate so that you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

Team Facilitation

Our handy toolbox of resources, assessments and engagement materials assist us in identifying strengths, gaps and guide areas in need of improvement.

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Fixed Price Partnership

We work with numbers but you aren’t just a number to us. Rohloff Associates operates through the lens that people matter first and foremost. Through our unique fixed price partnership, we get to really know our clients through year-round contact because tax season shouldn’t be the only reason (or time of year) we get together to work on your financial health.


If you are wondering how to minimize your business tax risk, enhance your retirement savings, take advantage of deductions and/or optimize your financial health, download this complimentary handout, then reach out to us for your complimentary consultation.

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Taking the time to know people and their passions is what makes a successful partnership.

Nikki Rohloff Partner

Let’s work together.