Maintaining Our Values Through Changing Times

Team hands together in a huddle

This past year Rohloff Associates has truly leaned into the values we have been upholding since 2017. There were some curveballs that we couldn’t have planned for, but it was through these unexpected moments that we learned how strong our values were as individuals and as an organization.

It took courage to let people know that we didn’t know what the answers would be or even when we would know. We were vulnerable and shared what we knew, we asked for help, and we told our story the best we could.

One value that has been propelled to the forefront of our firm this year is the willingness to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable with our team, our clients, and our strategic partners was not always easy, but it’s been something we’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy towards. We believe that connecting with each other during a time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so is one of the core principles of our growth.

So how is this vulnerability valuable? Ultimately, the bottom line is it instills trust. Not only is it the boldest form of business leadership, but vulnerability also allows us to be seen as our most authentic selves. It’s through our vulnerability we empower others to do the same.

Embracing and Adapting to Change

Strategic adaptability is a planned ability to react effectively when business and environmental factors change unexpectedly. Many companies do a good job planning how to operate when things work out as expected. Companies that survive in the long run often plan for flexibility in response to the unexpected.

We have learned that we are nothing if not flexible and through unexpected change, we’ve realized it’s one of our strongest suits. A few of the lessons we learned in flexibility and continue to practice today are:

  • Remain calm. It’s how we conduct ourselves through the toughest weather while still staying on course.
  • Be optimistic. We have always been optimistic in all that we do. Certainly never more than during changing times. 
  • Maintain an open mindset. Realizing there are two sides to every coin helps us take a holistic approach to work through all that crosses our paths.
  • Focus on core values. This is our bailiwick. Our tried and true north when decisions need to be made.

Our team embraced the evolution of the firm and the trust we had earned over our past leadership decisions. We had to make tough decisions and focus on a new reality we didn’t plan on, but so did many businesses who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with this adversity, we continue to move forward with our clients and our values in mind.

Rohloff Associates Adds Another Dimension to Financial Services

Too many CPA firms are numbers first and people second. We’ve always strived to take a unique approach to work with our clients by making decisions that not only benefit their accounts but also their families and peace of mind. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with financial wellness services, not just financial services. Whether it’s tax season or time to review your processes, our team of seasoned and passionate professionals is here to help.

But we didn’t define our unique approach without some effort. Here are a few things we considered while articulating our point of view:

  • Get clear. We needed to do a deep dive into who we were as an organization and how we show up to clients. Articulating our differentiation allows us to have a uniform message and understanding of how we are unique.
  • Define the brand. We invested in our brand visually, verbally, and experientially so it aligned with our values and differentiators. This allows our clients to “get us” right away to determine if we are the best fit for their needs.
  • Find the “why. We get up every day loving what we do and truly knowing our why allows us to project that both internally through our culture and externally through our service.

We Are Much More Than Just a CPA Firm

Our team made a conscious decision to own our story and build the vision we set out to achieve five years ago – to “Reimagine the CPA firm.” Our rebrand to the RA logo was an intentional focus on us as a team. This past year has made us closer, stronger, and we have doubled down on our vision. 

We have empowered the team by overhauling our benefits package based on their feedback – including fully paid parental leave and fully covering medical benefits. Even through these tough times, we’re still growing, adding two new team members since October, and looking to add more. Our clients continue to trust us and refer us to other people they know we can help. Our commitment to the people we work with is more than just empty words. We take the time to understand their passions on an individual level and are always striving to exceed their expectations of working with a CPA firm.

Dedication to Our Team and Our Clients

In business, if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. William S. Burroughs is credited with that quote, but we think this point still rings true. RA will continue to evolve, based on a culture of growth that’s been tested and solidified during these transformative times. We aren’t shying away from audacious goals. Our story is still being written, but due to the courage and dedication our team has shown, we know regardless of what’s put in front of us, it’s a story with many chapters ahead. If you’d like to learn more about our commitment to you and how we help you achieve your goals while staying true to our vision, please connect with us and tell us more.